Importbras is authorized by BANDES (Espirito Santo Development Bank) to operate through FUNDAP, Fund for the Development of Port Activities.

This device is a tool used by the state government to boost economic development shared in a sustainable way among all 78 cities.

The resources involved are invested to diversify the local economic base, stimulating logistics improvement: ports, airports, roads, railroads, storage system etc.

There is also investment in industrial plants and other services, which growth has been in leading positions in Brazil and in the Southeast region of the country, which has 70% of the national GDP.

The benefits offered to FUNDAP companies are as follows:

  • Exemption from ICMS on the entry of goods into the country
  • ICMS of 4% to 12% upon nationalization of the same
  • ICMS payment deadline of up to 55 days

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